Don't see my external hard drive in disk management or on computer

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Jul 14, 2014
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  1. Tried just about everything but I still can't seem to get my external hard drive to show up in my disk management or computer. It say it's installed and ready to use but I don't see it.. only in the device manager and in devices and printers I can see it.. but nowhere else.. I'm working with windows 7 upgraded from windows xp but has be downgraded which was originally windows vista I think.. A friend gave me a computer and I had it upgraded.. can any one help me get my computer and external hard drive straight. Thanks.
  2. Jad Chaar

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  3. King Blanko

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    Yes.. I've tried that.. except mine doesn't show my external hard drive in the disk management at all.. disk 0 which seems to be my main drive is on basic 232.83 GB online.. disk 1 and so on downt to disk 5 says no media then there's the cd - rom 0 dvd no media as well.. that's all that it say in my disk management. But in device manager I can see my hd plain as day.. tried to upload a picture but it's sayin it's too big to send.. I've tried Alot but can't figure it out
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    Is this HDD attached via USB or SATA? I am guessing USB right?
  5. King Blanko

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    Yes I'm using USB.. I tried all the USB ports and it's still the same.. I have a OWC Mercury Elite Pro Mini external hard drive.. If I right click on disk 1 in my disk management and go to properties.. it says my hd name OWC elite mini. But why not on the actual disk.. it just say Disk 1, Removable ( I ) NO MEDIA
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