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Doubled image (ghosting)... why?

By laimis911
Sep 5, 2012
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  1. OK I will start from that I have Doubled image in 30fps games ,I've tried different monitor,CPU,MOBO nothing helped . I'm trying to solve this but can't find the right answer . Many suggested ,reinstall new drivers(which is stupid in my opinion) change monitor because it's broken or said that this is common thing having ghosting in LCDs or change HDMI cable,I almost believed in that my monitor is really broken ,but recently I found this video which confirms that my monitor is not broken and this has something to do with the PC hardware or even Graphics card because I can see this ghosting recorded by another person. here is the pictures and video
    2. 4.

    this video shows ghosting playing at 30FPS (watch from 0m38s and pause the video every second )

    same game on different hardware no ghosting detected (watch from 0m40s)

    it's really annoying because of this . Usually I'm playing with a controller on my PC ,with analog stick I move camera slower than with K&M and the ghosting effect is much more noticeable than moving with mouse left-right in a second . anybody has any explanations on this matter ? I repeat my self again my monitor is OK I did some digging it has 3.5ms response time . Playing games at 30-40fps it's a pain to watch ,the image is not clear all objects are doubled .
  2. nismo91

    nismo91 TS Evangelist Posts: 983   +64

    Can you confirm that you're running on progressive resolution not interlaced mode? seems like common problem with interlaced display. check your nvidia control panel or ati catalyst for the display resolution, and if necessary, try to go for lower progressive resolution to check whether the ghosting persists. hope this helps.
  3. laimis911

    laimis911 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I've tried this when I first noticed this,didn't solve my problem . you can see the ghosting when the guy plays in first video .this is the proof that this has nothing to do with the monitor ,if anybody can see ,this can't be bad monitor configuration .

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