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Download of the Week: ImgBurn

By Jos · 6 replies
Jul 30, 2009
  1. For as simple as this little tool can be it offers all the functionality you’d expect from a CD and DVD image recording app, and then some. ImgBurn was coded by the creator of DVD Decrypter after being forced to stop development by Macrovision, and is based on the same optical disc burning engine. Although it cannot circumvent copy protections like its late sibling, it offers support for burning a variety of image file formats (BIN, CUE, IMG, ISO, MDS, NRG and more) as well as the ability to create a disc image from files on your computer.

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  2. ImgBurn has to be one of the pure delights of the Computer industry. It simply does 'what it says on the tin'.
  3. Seriously you guys need to try harder with these download of the week suggestions. When are you going to search and come up with something that is not well known. Seems to me not much time or effort is invested in this.
  4. Jos

    Jos TechSpot Staff Topic Starter Posts: 3,073   +97

    The “Download of the Week” feature is not strictly limited to those ‘hidden gems.’ Heck, one day we might even recommend the widely-known Firefox just because it reached a major version or received a noteworthy new feature.

    Sometimes we’ll highlight popular software we consider essential to our PCs; sometimes we’ll write about less widespread but still worthy apps to try and bring them to your attention. Chances are many of you have already heard about some of these programs at some point, while hopefully others will discover something they’ve been missing out on. Obviously, we can’t make everyone happy but please do share your suggestion if you have one. ;)
  5. Jos, I commend you on your response to the Guest comment above you, and to be honest, I greatly enjoy and appreciate your download of the weeks article. For me I work fulltime in IT and i'm attending school right now, for my Bachelor's in Security which doesn't give me much time at all to research and discover cool apps/programs, and always reading your download of the week articles, I find programs that are cool and useful. like your Crap Cleaner article. Awesome app.
  6. Stingray57

    Stingray57 TS Rookie

    I haven't used any other img burning software but IMGBURN for years... it's flawless and when people ask, I tell them to use IMGBURN; small/portable-- does the job.

    L. Henry Jr.
  7. Okay Jos, i think that i misunderstood the purpose of your download of the week feature and after you explained it thoroughly i apologize. As for suggestions, ncleaner is another great app that is made by the same guys that make ccleaner and includes alot more features and options. Maybe you can check it out.
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