Download of the Week: Pokki brings back Start Menu in Windows 8

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Oct 25, 2012
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  1. Windows 8's touch-focused Metro interface has been met with quite a bit of resistance from longtime desktop users. But Microsoft's not backing down. The company has made a risky but necessary bet to gain a strong foothold into the tablet...

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  2. They just put a "start button" to promote their apps

    overall, my experience says - 'stardock' like applications are resource hog's, opens holes, and soon or later you going to reinstall the whole PC

    imo, this is cos they dont have the [tools for the platform] to do the proper app they want

    remember the "Start menu" for WfW 3.51? - OpenGL Screen SaverS FTW!
  3. Windows 8 + Start Menu = Windows 7
    Windows 7 - Start Menu = Windows 8
    Windows 7 + 49$ = Windows 8
    Windows 8 - 15 Big Mac = Windows 7
    1 Start Button = 15 Big Mac
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  4. Now that's putting it bluntly. xD Thanks for the good laugh, much appreciated. ;)
  5. When you install software, will Pokki put a shortcut on the start menu, plus folders etc ? Does it work just like an integrated start menu or are there extra steps to get it to do so ?
  6. This is appalling you have to install a third party software to get the features you already had previously. Microsoft is disgusting in that sense. They could have at least given the option to chose. :cool:
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  7. psycros

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    "The company has made a risky but necessary bet to gain a strong foothold into the tablet market, and in the process it is getting rid of the familiar Start menu button."

    LOL, what? The desktop is completely separate from the touch-centric Metro. There's no legitimate reason for the removal of such a key desktop feature. Try again.
  8. johnehoffman

    johnehoffman TS Enthusiast Posts: 27   +35

    I agree with the previous posters. I think Microsoft made a big mistake in not giving users the option of using a Windows 7 type interface--unless there is some technical reason why that cannot be done.

    Most businesses do not want to face a period of lost productivity while users learn a new interface that does not increase productivity, and many private users do not want to waste time either trying to find features in Windows 8 that they know how to find in Windows 7, especially if they have no plans to buy a Windows 8 tablet or smart phone.

    With a dual interface, users would have a choice. Many would migrate to the new interface over time if and when touch sensitive monitors become more common or if they buy a Windows 8 tablet or smart phone, and get used to the new interface that way.

    I don't use a tablet or smart phone. The only possible reason I can see to "upgrade" to Windows 8 is to learn the new interface so that I could help friends who may be baffled by it when they buy new computers with Windows 8 preloaded. I'm not THAT generous with my time. I will not "upgrade" my present computer, and I've bought an extra OEM copy of Windows 7 to install on the new computer I plan to build next year with the next generation Intel processor.

    Windows 7 works. People are used to it. Why force customers to spend considerable time learning something new if they do not wish to do so?
  9. So are links not allowed here or something? Or is this spot a paid advertisement for Pokki? Google, or Bing, your choice Classicshell

    works great and free
  10. It amazes me how Microsoft can get away with openly depriving users of what they want - not just removing the Start Menu, but actively fighting attempts to bring it back.

    Regardless of how useful the Start Menu is - or isn't - there's a principle here of customer service which Microsoft are completely violating. They'e treating their customers - who should be the driving force behind requriements - like a bunch of school children who have to be disciplined into using something the "official way".

    The slamming the have received is nothing compared to the one they deserve.

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