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Apr 20, 2005
  1. Just wondering...when I go and download'll tell u the number of seeds and number of downloaders...well say it has 10 seeds and 0 downloaders except me...shouldn't it be faster than 10 seeds and say 6 downloaders including me...when I have more seeds it seems slower for some reason which makes no sense
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    I'm not sure I understan you exactly. I can only think you are downloading off of something like IRC, which shows you who else is downloading at the same time. But theoretically if you are the only one downloading, then you should get the full bandwidth from the user, unless they have set an upload limit per connection. Which is probably what is going on here. The other user is limiting their upload speeds.
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    Well I am downloading torrents from websites like torrentspy and such...and well it goes slower when I am the only downloader with the seeds compared to when there are other downloaders downloading the same file with those seeds...i
  4. X-Humed

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    that's most likely because the other leechers also share whatever parts of the file they have already received with other leechers who havent got that part yet.

    with bittorrent, whatever bits of a file you have, even if you havent got the whole file yet, you will still share with other people. so you'll be getting bits of the file from 10 seeders and however many leechers there are, instead of just from seeders only (and most people use some form of torrent software that will limit the maximum number of connections, and usually the max overall upload as well).
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    more people connect for that file the faster it will dwnld
    depends on seeders connection speed
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