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Nov 6, 2008
  1. I have broadband 1.5 mbps
    When i run the speakeasy speed test it shows that too roughly 1.5 mbps, however when i am downloading stuff i always max out at about 50 - 60 kbps.
    When i am downloading torrent files i know it depends on how many seeders you have and whatnot but i noticed it doesn't matter if i have 1 file downloading or 10 at any given time, it adds up to roughly 50 - 60 kbps.
    I even opened up limewire while also downloading the torrent file and it split it up between the 2 programs each downloading at about 25 - 30 kbps.
    How do the isp come up with their figure of 1.5 mbps?
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    well, your ISP must be using same method as Speak Easy as you say they both arrive at the same numbers? ;)

    But that measurement speed test arrives at 1.5MB is the download transfer time the calculate between you and a server physically shorter distance to you (then your other internet data requests) which is downloading a file of fixed size. So it becomes just math of size/time for your download rate.

    Now, all that said, all your file transfers aren't under the same conditions as the speed test where, for one thing, you are using a server close to you. So testing with their server over short distance vs. unknown server far away doesn't account for:
    - delays due to routing the data back/forth around the world
    - the data server on other end (as well as communication servers in between) may not all be as fast as the one at Speak Esy for your test
    - various other internet unknowns... which you can continue to investigate but for the most part are not probably due to your ISP. And your ISP can't deliver data any faster then the speed of the slowest link along the back/forth network path your data has taken.
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    In addition, your ISP (which are you using?) can control the download bandwidth you actually see.

    P2P programs frequently get throttled to preserve ISP capacity for their community.
    Limewire and *Torrent are some that get effected.
  4. Reckoning

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    im using qwest communications DSL
  5. gguerra

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    There is a lot of confusion when describing download speeds.
    When describing data communications speeds 1K = 1000, 1M = 1,000,000 as these numbers are based on the decimal system (not binary system)
    a T1 line is described as 1544 kbps (kilo bits per second)
    so 1544 x 1000 = 1,544,000 bits per second on a T1 line
    1 megabit = 1,000,000 bits

    this is not to confuse bits with bytes
    8 bits = 1 byte (in binary)
    for examplpe when describing ethernet speeds such as wireless 802.11g speeds they are described as 54 megabits per second = 6.75 megabytes per second. (optimally)
    100base ethernet is roughly twice that speed (100 megabits = 12.5 megabytes per sec)

    Edit: Here is a page with more info.

    Kbps is kiloBITS per second
    KBps is kiloBYTES per second
    Mbps is megaBITS per second
    MBps is megaBYTES per second

    so 50KBps = 400kbps. This may be your case (and I stress maybe)
  6. SNGX1275

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    Thats not his problem though.

    1.5Mbps = 192KB/sec, he's seeing roughly 1/3rd of that, so there isn't any unit confusion here.

    If he is running torrents, and not capping his upload, then that could explain it. I've seen many times where letting your upload go to max it will significantly hamper your download speeds (at least on cable and dsl).
  7. tipstir

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    You didn't say if you had Cable or DSL?
    If you are paying for 1.5mbps down
    If you're using a slow modem that can effect the overhaul download experience
    Router also if your using one. There are routers that are quicker than the rest.
    These can increase the download speed.

    Rated 30mbps down - example.
    Cable Modem rated at 43mbps down
    150MHz Router with 8MB of RAM with good connection would give you 1.6mb/s down
    270MHa Router with 16MB of RAM with good connection would give you 2-3mb/s down

    The above is my test using different wired routers.

    Another way I can put this if you have 1.5mbps down on DSL and you were going to download on a 300mb/s file it would take you 30 minutes if you had good seeder count. Now when you move up to 3.0mbps down on DSL you can reduce your download on 300mb/s file as it would take only 15 minutes.
    How I know all of this is when I had DSL and also had 1.5mbps, 3.0mbps. Now with cable modem speeds of 30mbps down the same 300mb/s file only takes 2ms but again this depends on the number of seeds, the way you have your downloader PC tweaked, Router and modem and how good your ISP is?

    Here are some of my actual testing using Azureus with java client
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