Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

By thewolfe
Dec 24, 2002
  1. Dragon NaturallySpeaking?

    I have Dragon NaturallySpeaking Standard edition 5 on a Pentium III running Windows 2000 with 256 MB.

    When running Dragon the machine is slow opening up new programs or opening Internet Explorer.

    Do you think that adding another 256 MB would make enough of a difference to warrant the cost?
  2. Eric Legge

    Eric Legge TS Rookie Posts: 132

    It might help, but I doubt it. 256Mb RAM should be enough.

    A better solution would probably be to tweak Win2000 to get it up to maximum speed.

    You don't say what the HDD and motherboard are.

    If you have a motherboard that only supports ATA 33 IDE HDD transfer speeds, and you have an ATA 33 HDD, you could speeden things up considerably by installing an ATA 100 hard drive - even on a m/board that only supports ATA 33. If you upgraded the motherboard so that it could run an ATA 100 or 133 hard drive at it full capacity that is likely to be a better alternative.

    Win2000 is very similar to WinXP, so maybe these tips will help -

    Ten Ways To Make Windows XP Run Better - http://www.informationweek.com/story/IWK20011204S0009

    You don't say what model, but Pentium III processors are good overclockers. Look here to see what others have achieved with them. -

    The Overclocking Database -


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