'Dreams' is launching in Early Access this spring

Shawn Knight

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British game developer Media Molecule on Wednesday announced the next step it’ll take with Dreams, its next major project.

Dreams recently wrapped up its beta, confirming that its toolset is ready for the community while reaffirming that more work is needed in other areas. The best way to tackle the remaining development needed, the team surmised, is through an Early Access period.

The developer, best known for puzzle platformer LittleBigPlanet, first announced Dreams at E3 2015. It’s a sandbox-style game (think Super Mario Maker) in which the player can use tools to craft, well… whatever they want. From first-person shooters, third-person games, turn-based titles and point-and-click adventures to racing games, movies, digital artwork, music and more, if you can imagine it, you can probably make it.

Media Molecule co-founder Alex Evans called it a canvas for expression when announcing it at E3.

Dreams Early Access arrives this spring priced at $29.99.

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Yeah Dream on. I've already started my own game to play next, skipped AI designed stuff.
It's called "Zorak: The Whatever You Want Game".
Preorder it.

kira setsu

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Whatever happened to "completed" games?

It's all so-called early access...or pre-purchase...

Sad state.
The worst part is I saw a commercial for an early access game on tv, forgot the name of it though.

but if you have the funds to launch a commercial for your incomplete game, why are you doing early access?

gaming industry is in such a crummy state but can you really blame these companies when gamers will literally buy anything they offer no matter how dumb or high priced it may be.


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I'm guessing this is only for the Playstation?! I can't imagine building a game on anything other than a PC... Who has the patience for this on a gaming console??? If it were on Steam or something similar, I'd be half way interested.