DreamWorks Animation chief offered $75M to put additional Breaking Bad episodes online

Shawn Knight

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Roughly six weeks ago, DreamWorks Animation CEO Jeffery Katzenberg offered to finance three additional episodes of Breaking Bad for $25 million apiece. That would have resulted in a nice profit for those involved with the show as the average episode...

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Would be an interesting model to try but don't risk messing up a good series with something that may or may not work. Although, if you ask me, the last few episodes were meh.


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I say let the king rest. There's nothing to be said or shown more in this story - it reached its conclusion and however I'd love to watch BB more it's not going to happen. Not because they're not making new episodes. The series just ended. It's complete. It doesn't need anything else. There's nothing to top that. Oh, sorry, I've been brainwashed to love BB. :p No, wait, I didn't. Anyway - NO. STHAP DAT.
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Short term enjoyment? premature 'jack' is not good.
if he is serious, he should buy the rights and continue the series in 'full mode'. although I would succumb to the temptations of short but FREE webisodes.
( remember the free 'the walking dead webisodes' ?)


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Katzenberg believes there is a whole new platform for short-form entertainment worth exploring.
Yea, maybe there is... but not here... not Breaking Bad. Breaking Bad is over, PERIOD. It didnt have a disappointing ending like so many other drawn out shows out there. I immediately think of Lost! LOL If they drag out Breaking Bad, well... lets just say Breaking Bad will break bad.


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Let sleeping dogs lie. Reminds me of the star trek movie this summer. Simply an expensive tv show episode in the theater.


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Whats the obsession with making a good thing bad? (Dexter anyone?) So yeah I want more BB as much as anyone else but ITS OVER! lol


BB is over. The story is over. Just like the creator said BB has a finite ending. Theres no reason to try and continue it. Just let it end as it is and nothing LESS.


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Great, so micro-transactions are being considered for television? What's that website again.... the Buccaneer's Saloon?.... no... the Swashbuckler's Cove? no... oh yeah, The Pirate Bay! Bookmark please!
+2 internets. I would sack a seaside village with you anyday.

Seriously, though, this micro-transaction crap has GOT to go. Just stop paying for any of it and it will die. It's that easy.

There is a reason this guy is so eager to jump right into dishing out $75M into this fantasy project with absolutely NO plan. He sees the moneymaking potential from the advertising campaign alone. The subscription revenue is an afterthought. But indeed, if even half of the 10.3M people who sat down for the Season Five finale actually paid for all ten of these [sure to be] gimmicky webisodes, more than half of the principal $75M would be recouped instantly.

I just wish we would all stop letting ourselves get played for stupid with this "sequel mentality," especially because there is now danger of the exploitative micro-transaction business model spilling over from gaming and into every aspect of our lives.

All of this being said, I still want to know what happened to Huell. o.O


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What, like a six-minute peep show? More corporate greed at work.

Except the story is about a guy who's PAYING a ton of money with no hope of making any back. Katzenberg is just a fan, he wouldn't make a dime if people paid for more Breaking Bad.

This is a story about a guy who wants to pay a ton of money for something and the person who would get the money said 'No'. It's the opposite of greed.


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It didnt have a disappointing ending like so many other drawn out shows out there. I immediately think of Lost!
I think Heroes was arguably worse. It should have ended after 1 season, I really wish I would have stopped watching then.