Drivelock Password???? Help

By sticks57
Jul 5, 2007
  1. Help please. I have my sister-in-laws hp laptop that she just bought used. The person sold it after he deleted all his stuff but left windows xp intact. According to her (I might add she knows NOTHING about a pc) while trying to install msn9 something happened. Now whenever you start the machine it asks for a drive lock password. She assures me she never put any password on it and it didnt have one when she got it. We have tried every possible general password but still no luck. After the second attemp it asks for a master HDD password then locks the harddrive. Is there a way to remove this problem? I can get to setup and there is no user or admin password however it does say drivelock password is set. The arrow keys only let me go up one item and not to the drivelock password item to undo the "set". Any advice is much appreciated. Thanks
    p.s. Its a HP Pavilion ze4500, amd athlon 1862mhz, 1gig ram
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    see this post here, its a full discussion on the drive lock passwords.

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