Drivers for amd crossfire

By Douglas2011
Mar 2, 2016
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  1. I went to amd's website and went to drivers and support to find up to date drivers for my system only to not find any for my system. I have found plenty of drivers for r9 380 radeon graphics but nothing for the r9 385 radeon graphics. it is my understanding that my dedicated gpu works with my integrated gpu thus making my system a crossfire system. Can I just download graphic drivers that belong to the r9 300 series and be fine or must it be a crossfire specific driver? Last question. are drivers specific to just one thing or does it cover multiple aspects of computing? My computer is a Lenovo y700 amd fx 8800p 8 gigs system memory 1 tb hard drive with r7 integrated and r9 385 dedicated radeon gpu and it the only model of its kind and is a best buy only laptop. any help would be greatly appreciated. Thanks Doug.

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