Dropbox, iCloud and Amazon top cloud media services in the US, says study


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Apple’s iCloud may be a little limited as a cloud storage solution compared to services like Dropbox, but the sheer number of iDevices on people’s hands have already pushed the year-and-a-half old platform to the top among US consumer cloud...

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This article is very misleading. iCloud is not a true cloud storage solution. It is simply backs up basic information on idevices. It does not compare in almost any way to Dropbox, Google, Box or the others. It can't be number 1 when it does not even do what the article is discussing.


The previous comment has a point. I also wanted to see what happened to SkyDrive? I've been using that a lot over the last year and used to have LiveMesh.

I'm pretty sure all new Windows Phones and Tablets are all running on SkyDrive as its cloud system. It doesn't appear to rank at all.... Can you please supply some reasons? I honestly think its pretty darn great.