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Dual AMD W7000 for 8 monitors - No support from AMD

Jan 6, 2014
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  1. I have these cards on a fast Dell T7500 with 65 GB RAM and they are FLAKEY. They came with 2 Wesson Active Adapters but the AMD guys said to get ACCELL so now I have 8 ACCELL adapters. At first 8 monitors worked, then 6, then 5. Since 5 does not work at a contiguous desktop, I have dropped one fro the matrix within Windows (still have 8 connected).

    AMD tech support is a JOKE! For MONTHS before the Holidays their phones many times said "Can not connect to support at this time" and this was in the advertised business hours for tech support. A few times I did get through, there were people there who had no idea what what going on (had RCV) and kept finger pointing to "software on your machine" And, yet, I have been running with NVIDIA or AMD 2460 cards on this machine for over a year with no problem. I got the W7000 for speed; well, that part is OK, the four that work are fast. But, it would be nice if they all worked. Duh?

    Lat week, for instance, I had a talk with a AMD person named Dan who told me (once he heard my story) that there is a ligh level guy named Charlie who really, really wants to work on my case but Charlie is busy now and will call me at 7AM Monday morning. I was here at 6:45 this morning and no call. In fact after an hour I called AMD and the message was AMD tech support does not open until 11 AM. At 11, I called and got some poor guy who barely knew up from down (very polite though) and made all kinds of excuses for Charlie like: Charlie was not available, Charlie works in another building, I have never seen Charlie. I can not get in tough to Charlie. I can leave a message for Charlie but I can not tell you if or when he will call you. Insane!

    I feel so let down by this company. Someone should report them to the FTC and whatever bases of information possible to stop people form getting bush whacked by this AMD "company"..
  2. GhostRyder

    GhostRyder This guy again... Posts: 2,151   +588

    Ok so if I am reading correctly this is the card you purchased correct?

    Now then, you have two of these running in one machine im assuming X-Fired together so you can output on 8 displays. So the way im reading this (please correct my if im wrong) you have 8 display port adapters going to 8 different monitors (Display port to HDMI, DVI, or what?).

    So here are my questions:
    Which monitors have dropped off (Which card or both and which ports)?
    Do you have the latest Catalyst for the Workstation cards running?
    What version of windows are you running?

    Here's a couple of quick things you can do to try and get all 8 working and ill see if I can't figure out the issue with you:

    Try disabling eyefinity and running every monitor as an independent display.
    Try rebuilding eyefinity in the control center and see if it detects all 8 monitors

    One thing is that display port is designed to hold more than one monitor per port, im guessing you are using the DVI connectors since they came with it. My advice would be instead of using every port on each card, buy some of the dual display port adapters and use only the top card to run eyefinity, using 2 cards for multiple displays tends to run into issues at times especially when connecting such an extreme amount of monitors.

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