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By o0omrjacko0o
Sep 29, 2008
  1. I have this gaming rig that i built earlier this year and it runs XP Pro x64 and i have run into problems numerous times with programs or games that will not run on a 64 bit system

    I have been thinking and i have an older version of XP Home and picked up a 2nd harddrive and was thinking of setting up a dual boot on my pc but i had some questions

    First, if i set up windows xp home on the separate hard drive, does that mean when im using each OS they only have access to their corresponding HD? and the data thats on each? Or from each os can i access the files from both HDs?

    Also i have never used a dual boot system before, i know that on startup it gives you a prompt asking which OS you wish to use, but if you install a file or something on one OS can you access it from the other OS? i have a large selection of music and movies on my pc and say if i was using dual boot would i have access to that music on either OS?

    If i installed my 2nd harddrive right now, for the additional space, would i still be able to set them up to dual boot? do i have to have one OS on each HD? or could they both be on the same one and both pull from each HD?

    And also, Could someone link me maybe a little tutorial or could give me some help on how to do it?

    please and thanks
  2. o0omrjacko0o

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    Anyone? Please help? :\
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