Dual booting question, PLEASE HELP!

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May 2, 2005
  1. Hi everyone,:)

    I have some question regarding Dual-booting.

    One of my computers is running Windows 98SE(HD=40GB), and the other one is running XP(HD=40GB). well what I want to do is:

    1. Connect BOTH hard drives in ONE computer. each HD has a different OS.
    (I dont want to do ANY partition on any of them) each has 40GB. I'm actually needing more GB.. partitioning one will be horrible.

    2. I'd like to DUAL booting with both HD. So if I want to use WIN 98. I will access it from the welcome screen, then I will be on 98 using the HD that has win 98SSE.
    Andd if I choose Win XP I'm will be on WIN xp using the HD that has Win XP, and no needing to partioning the HD.

    If that possible??? having XP as master, and WIN98 as slave, and use either of them if I choose just one ?

    I need WIN98 because I want to instal my 3Dfx Voodoo Banshee, that card is amazing with GLIDE and old games, the ones that I grew up with. NFS serie, TR serie. and much more.

    then I will install my Banshee on win98 HD.
    and my Nvidia on my XP HD.

    I'd appreciate any help! thanks a lot :)
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  3. IronDuke

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    Link to freeware boot manager:
    Boot Switcher 2.0

    You'll get a few problems on the disc you move as the drivers and hardware will be very different.
  4. RealBlackStuff

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    No need for any fancy software.

    If you use the PC that has W98 in it already, add the XP-disk as slave and re-install XP.

    If you want to use the XP-PC, do as follows:
    Make the W98 disk the Master and the XP disk the slave.
    You MUST then install W98 first on the C-drive (master). Format it in FAT32, using the newest W98SE FDISK you can find (www.bootdisk.com) to overcome the original 32GB limit of old W98SE.

    Afterwards re-install XP on the D-drive, using NTFS. XP will create the boot-menu automatically.
    You can NOT install W98 after XP.
  5. mime

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    Hello there,

    thanks a lot all of you for your responses.

    I would like to do the the one without softwares. I dont have them and I want to make it easy. I am a bit confused with them.

    Well I was told by you:

    All I need to do is install XP drive as "slave" thats easy.

    But If I do that I'm gonna boot my Pc with my master Drive. so I will be using my 98 Drive.

    How I will install XP if that happens? the only way to acccess my Slave would be as accessing a folder. isn't it?

    About reinstalling 98SE. I don't have the CD driver. the only thing that far to a driver is a floder called win98 on C:/... that has a SETUP.exe. I did that. and it did not format anything. I came with the same folder and files

    May I just reinstall XP? thats the only disc I have.
    How will I choose the drive? Windows I think will use C:/ as default.. doesn't it? I say that because I would like to access my other HD from master, or access my master from slave HD.. so I need different name drives.

  6. RealBlackStuff

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    Which PC do you want to install that stuff on, and (very important) WHAT Windows is on there now?

    Go to the same www.bootdisk.com and get yourself the W98SE bootdisk file.
    On the first page click on Bootdisks next to the word 'excellent'
    On the second page, click on Windows 98 SE that has 'OEM' next to it.
    After downloading it, doubleclick on that file and have an empty floppydisk ready.
    The program will make a bootdisk.

    While on bootdisk.com, scroll down on their first page to 'HOW TO ...' for W98 and get the instructions for installing it. The same for XP elsewhere on that page.

    Now set the BIOS in the PC where you want to install W98 in, to start/boot first from Floppy. When booting from floppy, select the option 'with CD-ROM support'.
    Insert the W98 CD and off you go.
    Then proceed as outlined in my previous post.
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