Dual hard drive issues, need help

By zorock74
Nov 28, 2007
  1. Okay here's the deal. I have two hard drives, 1st one is a Seagate Baracuda 320GB with standard IDE connection which has been formatted, only going to be used for storage. The 2nd one is a WD Cavier 250GB with SATA connection. I have and old Dell Dimension 4550. I originally had these running the way I wanted until WinXP crashed but can't remember how I had them connected to be Master and Slave. I currently have WinXP installed on the Seagate with the IDE connection. Since my PC is older I had to buy a SATA to IDE Converter which worked fine originally and still does. The problem I am having is making sure the connections are setup correctly. I can't get both drives to be recognized by the BIOS or bootup. I have tried what I believe to be every option and still can't get it. I know that since the Seagate IDE with WinXP installed is going to be my Master, I have that plugged into the Black IDE plug, then I plug the Grey IDE plug into the SATA to IDE converter and the converter into the WD SATA drive. On the converter there is 2 jumper settings, one for Master and one for Slave. I placed the jumper on the Slave but it is still not working. Given the 2 hard drives that I have and the info above for which one is Master and which one should be Slave along with the SATA to IDE converter. How should my setup be for placing these drives. Oh, I have even removed the jumper from the SATA to IDE converter leaving that open and placed that jumper on the IDE HD in what I believe is the Master position. Any help is greatly appreciated
  2. Nodsu

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    You need to set the jumpers correctly on both drives. The jumper on the IDE drives should say master and the jumper on the SATA drive should say slave.

    If you don't have enough jumpers to set the drives to master slave, see if you can make them both "cable select"
  3. zorock74

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    I do only have one jumper, threw some away thinking I would never need them, go figure. I place the jumper onto the Cable Select for the IDE drive and there isn't one on the SATA drive, which according to the SATA drive, it will automatically detect if it is plugged into the Master or Slave IDE cable. I'm curious that since the Slave drive is the SATA drive and I have the SATA to IDE converter on there, if I might have to get another jumper and place it onto the Slave spot on the SATA to IDE converter where there is the choice between Master and Slave.

    Not sure if this will work or not. I only had one jumper before when everything did work so I'm just guessing now.
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