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Dual Velociraptor - Ideal configuration?

By SimonBP
Nov 15, 2009
  1. In my old Dimension 8300 (BIOS A07) I now have a pair of WD Velociraptor 280gb SATA HDD
    Other than having them as C & D drives respectively - can anyone recommend any better configuration arrangement when I install Windows 7 32bt (I am currently running W7 Evaluation)?
    I already have an external 1TB for backups/archives etc - my total "in machine" storage requirement is only about 200-240gb (but probably smaller if I did some house-keeping)
    My system usage is a bit of Flight Sim (FSX), photoshop, music storage.
    Ideas that occur to me are:
    a) Raid 0 for ultra fast speed - but can I do that without a Raid Controller card in Windows 7?
    b) A contiguous virtual (?) drive that combines both physical HDDs
    c) Any other ideas?
    Its really a case of I know they're good HDDs but I wonder if if I am doing the best that I could with them?
    I would welcome anyones suggestion on what to do (with any detail on the how-to would be welcome too)
    Best wishes,

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