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Jul 9, 2005
  1. Anyone have any information on duel processor boards, duel core processors? I am trying to find a benchmark comparison of them compared to a standard processor - I saw such as comparison recently in a magazine... but alas i threw it away thinking "I wont need that!".
    Any help much appreciated

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  3. davids

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    Thanks vnf4ultra

    Very helpfull. How about the duel processor boards, how do they compare against the duel core? One other thing, these 64 bit processors, are the standard operating systems; win98,2000,xp still compatible on them?
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    How about dual they are in concord not conflict. ;)
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    I know amd64 cpus also work in 32 bit mode, so they work with win 9x, xp, etc, but also can use windows xp 64bit pro, and future "longhorn"(the next windows) 64bit. I assume the new intel 64 bit(5xx, 6xx, series) are the same way.

    I think a dual core cpu system will perform about the same as a dual cpu(seprate single core) system, if the cores are the same speed. I.e. a dual core intel 3ghz should be similar to a dual processor 3ghz, at least that's what I read somewhere, but I think it's cheaper to get a dual core cpu than to buy two separate cpus, plus dual cpu boards(dual socket) are more expensive than single cpu boards IIRC.
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    In order to make use of a dual core system, you must use one of the folowing:

    Windows NT
    Windows 2000
    Windows XP
    Linux SMP

    Windows 95/98/ME do not support hyperthreading or symmetric multi-processing.
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