Dungeon Keeper 2 on virtual Win98

By Sethiel
Aug 30, 2010
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  1. Hi guys,

    I tried pretty much every advice how to make Dungeon Keeper 2 work on my Windows XP (which took about three days, btw), without success ... it always crashes after random time. Seeing how many people have this problem and thinking it may never work, I gave up and decided to create virtual machine with Windows 98 to completely solve the problem.


    1) First I tried VMware. I installed VMware Workstation 7.something, created a virtual PC, installed Win98, installed sound drivers (this was the hard part) and then installed Dungeon Keeper 2. Thought it will work flawlessly now, just maybe a bit slowly. It doesn't work at all. When I run the game, it crashes immediately, before the intro movie, with the message "Program performed illegal operation." Does the same with and without the patch 1.7.

    2} When I gave up on that, I tried Microsoft Virtual PC. The process was pretty much the same, just the sound worked fine without any effort. I install and run (!!!) Dungeon Keeper 2 1.7, everything looks good. When I try to start a new game, after the loading screen, the whole screen goes black and it freezes. Some people talk about "black background" or "black screen, just the hand-cursor visible". This is not the case ... it was all black, without any sign of doing something. I then noticed that the "emulated" graphic card has about 8 MB of video RAM ... I think it might be the cause - too little of video memory - but I do not know how to change it.

    I will appreciate any advice that will help me run this great game at least one of these ways. I'm getting desperate here, having tried plenty of both reasonable and obscure ways to make it work. Thanks in advance.


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