DVD drive won't read recorded media - please help!

By Zanini
Apr 10, 2006
  1. Hi all. I am desperate for some help here. Usually I can find my answers on the web, but this one has me stumped.

    I built a system about two months ago with parts from Newegg.
    • 250G Maxtor SATA
    • MSI K8NGM2-FID
    • Nec DVD+/-RW ND-3550A
    • AMD 64 3500+ (Venice)
    • 2 gig Corsair D400 RAM
    • 7800 GT 250

    Worked great for about 3 weeks, and then it hit the fan. I started seeing errors that OS files were missing or corrupt. I reformatted, and reloaded XP fearing that a virus had gotten by Norton. In time, I found the MaXBlast test suite that told me the drive was failing. The drive was RMA-ed.

    While waiting for the new drive, I borrowed an 80 gig IDE WD drive from a friend. Put it in, reinstalled everything.. no problems.

    The new drive arrived, installed it and started loading software. The DVD recorder doesn’t read DVDs that it created. Reformatted and reloaded the OS. Software is fine but the DVD drive will still not read DVDs that it made earlier. It sees them as blank CDs. The drive will write a DVD though.

    Removed drive from device manager, reloaded drivers, updated firmware, physically removed the hard drive, reinstalled the hard drive, reinstalled everything, updated Windows XP with every update… no luck.

    I swapped the HD so that the 80 gig was back in. DVD drive works fine. Swapped them back so that the 250 gig Matxor is in… can’t read DVDs that it created…

    Both hard drives have the same Win XP media center OS, drivers, and Norton loaded on them.

    I then had the idea to buy the 80 gig IDE drive from my friend to use as the OS drive, and put all my data and games on the 250 gig SATA drive so that my DVD drive would work. Bad idea… now the 80 gig can’t use the DVD drive fully either.

    What do I do? I’ll try anything!

    Thanks all
  2. Zanini

    Zanini TS Rookie Topic Starter

    anyone ever seen something like this?

    anyone ever seen something like this?
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