Dvd drives not reading any disks

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Apr 8, 2008
  1. Hi everybody. This is my first post. I'm pleading with all you tech heads out there to see if you can help me with this problem. I Have an msi k8n neo4 motherboard 3200 amd 64 running win xp home. (old system I know) I have 2 dvd burners Lg gsa4167b and a brand new (2 days old) liteon dh20a4p. The lg drive just suddenly stopped reading any disks. When I looked into device manager it said I needed to update the drivers but windows could not find them. I tried updating via lg's website firmware software but it said it could not find the drive! I even swapped over the ide cable (original setting was ide2 as master) but to no avail. So I bought the new liteon drive thinking the lg had died and surprise surprise it has exactly the same problem. No disks will read. No drivers came with it!!! Would a repair install of xp help find the missing drivers? What do I do???
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    I'd delete and reinstall your IDE controller drivers. The drives themselves do not require drivers in the sense that you need to dl and update them. CD/DVD drives use generic drivers that come with the OS (and have for over a decade).

    Your IDE controller drivers are probably just the chipset, whether it be nforce, or via, or whatever.
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    Yes it's full xp service pack 2. Oh and the cpu is a 3800 not that is going to make any difference. I have uninstalled both drives but got I still come up with the same thing.
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    Ok how do I delete and reinstall my ide drivers? I did not find it in device manager? Thanks for all the help in advance btw.
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