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Sep 23, 2010
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  1. Ok, I recently ran in to a problem after I Updated my Bios and Chipset i believe . I burned 2 DL disc right after the update perfectly , as i was going to do another DL , I stick the Blank DL (Dual Layer) into the drive it spins like normal But dont give me a pop up to ask the usual like do i want to burn a image, so im like whatever its cool i open up imgburn and it dont even detect my drive. I figure something is wrong with the drive so i buy another one just incase cause i could always take it back and it was doing the same exact thing but not detecting the blank media inside said it was not ready yet. I dont know what to do so im asking for you guys help . If you need any INFO please let me know what you need. the 2 drives im using are dvd-1035i(media is not detected when in drive) and a TS-H652(drive not detected when media is in ), and my chip set is intel D945GCL. I hope that was enough detail :)
  2. Punkid

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    did u try a different disc :S , it could be that the disc is faulty...
  3. spark916

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    I have tried 2 different disc both nothing
  4. LookinAround

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    There are many different reasons why Windows may not detect a CD/DVD drive or media (ranging from software problems to defective hardware) so i think you want to first take Windows out of the equation. First questions to ask:
    1) Does the CD drive itself get detected by and appear in BIOS?
    2) Can you boot from a disc you put in the drive?
  5. jobeard

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    try to READ a cd before attempting to write one :)

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