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Aug 31, 2009
  1. Anyone know where I can get drivers for MB. I've upgraded OS and installed new DVD-RW. Recieve error when installing Office 2007, stating Windows Installer 3.1 or greater is needed. DL and attempted to install but recieved message the current installer was newer then one attempting to install. Recieved another message stating something about processor would not accomidate, probably due to drivers.

    The company does not have ANY information after I emailed them other than what was on thier web page. Computer was a "give me", with no manual, software, etc.

    Any suggestions or ideas. I've also found the USB ports on the front of machine are not working, not sure if this is driver issue but think it is due to MB. Rear USB ports work fine.

  2. captaincranky

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    Your Emachine, or rather all Emachines are basically designed to go from birth to grave in the configuration they were shipped with. By this I mean the same CPU, mobo and OS. This is why you're not finding drivers. They're on the restore disc, as is the OS. However it's in the form of a disc image. That said, the upside is that the BIOS would never have to updated, nor would the drivers in all likely hood.

    In some cases, (my T-5026 for example), will not permit the use of an actual Windows disc, you must use the restore discs, or it will generate a request for an "administrative password". Just for academia's sake, you could install Linux on the machine. (The BIOS would ignore that).

    I found my motherboard's tech manual on the "start" > "all programs" list, under the heading, "Augsburg", which I think is the name of the Intel 915G board's chipset designation.

    My other Emachine has an MSI mobo. It took a while, but I was finally able to convert the OEM part number, to a model number of the board as used, (and sold) by MSI directly. The OEM number I found simply by searching for it on the board.

    The best way to determine all af the board's devices and specs, would be to run SIW for Windows, but you would at least need to get into safe mode.

    Assuming that the machine is intact, and the motherboard is good, your best chance of success lies in contacting Emachines, and purchasing the restore discs.

    I think that the number you've given (T-2891), is a Gateway Emachine. These have much better prospective lifespan than the earlier pure Emachines models.

    You best chance in finding out if the hardware is good would be to download a copy of "Ubuntu" Linux, and boot from that. The download file is an ISO, and must be burned to CD as an "image".
  3. cesear

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    Thanks Captin,

    I installed a seperate DVD-rw and was able to boot from the cd. I did a clean install of xp professional. I 've recieved error messages about the processor, etc when attempting to install office 07.
    the E-Machine web site could only give me the spces of the mobo. They could not give me anymore information other than directing me thier web site. I was able to DL the manual, which did not have much.
    Since, I have found drivers or hopefully "good" drivers for the chipset, audio, sound, etc.
    I will have to "try n remember" how to go in and change the drivers for these devices, since the xp disc just did a "basic" set of drivers in which to get up and running.

    THANK you Again for your information and such prompt reply.
  4. raybay

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    CaptainCranky offers good advice. Use the eMachines restore disks. Winodws Professional does not run any better on that machine... in fact, it is worse.
    You can find all the drivers at one of the driver sites, but you will have to pay more for them than you would fhe twenty seven dollars for the eMachines restore set.
    You might first try the free Everest or Belarc to inventory your machine.
    The board is an Intel design that was made under license by TriGem... so you migh look at similar Intel boards or the Intel Website...
    You need the chipset, audio, ethernet, video, and what other drivers to make it complete as it is?
  5. cesear

    cesear TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thanks Raybay,
    This computer was "dropped off" to a friends house without ANY software.WYSIWYG . The modem went out on it when he was trying to connect to Internet thru his ISP, they checked and told him it was bad. He wanted to upgrade it, his daughter is in a higher grade this year , so they were going to use it for school. She desperiatly wanted PPP for school projects, etc. What was currently on machine did NOT have such software. Everytime you opened program up , it went thru some form of MS word and then went to login to AOL.
    Just trying to do a favor, no $$$ involved. I think I have most of the drivers now, finally found a " 4 in 1" for the AMD chipset KM400. Found the ac97 for sound not sure about the s3 chrome 2d/3d intergrated graphics. Found an old disk for the 4 in 1 multi card reader, not sure if this will work. I've found the (2) two usb ports located in the front of machine bad however the 2 in the rear seem to work ok for now.
    Purchased a new pci modem along with a dvd-rw. Orginial dvd/cd would not read any dvd's for some reason.
    I DL all these yesterday but did not have tme yet to install them.
    Will need to find out exactly sure as How to Change the drivers for the current ones installed by XP installation.
    It has been some time since i've done this, since I work more with DBs now. Last time I did this on an E machine, I had the same problems. If all else fails, I'll look in storage to see IF i still have disk from the other emachine.

    Thank you Again for your Help
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