Ebay toolbar no use on Mozilla Firefox

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Nov 2, 2007
  1. So far I followed all the guidance on making Windows XP (home ) more secure that I can follow. I want to start using Ebay but note that the toolbar they offer only works on Windows. I normally use Mozilla & only resort to IE when there is a site I really need to access. Now I have to choose between the convenience of IE explorer with toolbar .At the moment I just keep updating Spybot S&D,CWShredder,Ad-aware. I know that security is most important, but wonder if I can safely set up an account that makes it easy to use Ebay without undue risk?
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    Providing you use IE 7 for your Ebay I would think this would be OK. Make sure you have the latest updates!
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    IE7 Ebay

    Usque as mortem bibenbum ( I am sorry to have missed the Latin classes)
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    eBay toolbar for Mozilla Firefox HERE!!

    I use Firefox a lot & grew frustrated with the fact eBay has not stepped up to create a toolbar for Firefox...so I created my own! It is actually available for Explorer OR Firefox. It includes eBay.com (US), eBay.ca (Canada), eBay.co.uk (UK), & eBay.com.au (Australia). You can download it free at www.eBToolbar.com. You can also review features & submit questions or suggestions from that site. I hope this helps!
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