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EIP hack has screwed up server for all

By Macdf2
Jul 6, 2006
  1. I sure hope someone can help me here. Ive gotten help here before for pc issues and I know you guys know yur stuff. Anyways, about 100 people and myself have been playing delta force 2 demo since 1999 and have dealt with speeders, and fly cheats etc, before no prob, but some jerk has now hacked the NovaWorld server so no one can host a multiplyer team game. About 3 weeks ago, I went and bought a new pc ( 2x 62 4400 AMD xp pro media) and for some reason, I could host team death matches again but no one else could. I assumed it was the newer version of XP or maybe something to do with the dual processors. Unfortunately, a couple days ago, I opened my server and just like before and just like for anyone else, my screen got a blue film over the game and the joining exiting game login text is going really fast. I alt tabbed and went to the game lobby and it showed my server as full. No one else can join and even if the could, this annoying blue streak is covering the top of the screen. I went into the host admin area and made it sysdump so I could see what it would show. It shows everything that happened the moment i opened the server until i sys dumped. I noticed at the end of the dump the text had this text:
    Context dump of Delta Force 2, Demo (V1.03.04) on 7/6/2006

    EAX: 000000090h EBX:0001040ffh
    ECX: 000000034h EDX:000a44a68h
    ESI: 00190cb12h EDI:00000015ch

    EBP: 00012fd94h ESP:00012fd4ch
    EIP: 00041a3c1h EFlags:000210202h
    SegCS: 00000001bh
    SegSs: 000000023h

    Code bytes before EIP:3c b8 75 51 3b c7 73 15 80 3e 0 74 8 8b 5d 28
    Code bytes at EIP: 89 18 8b 5d f0 83 c0 4 46 3b c7 72 eb 8b 45 20

    00a84588 0000004b 000000b4 00000000 00000000 0000000e 018ce33c 000002ff
    000003ff ffffeffc 000001e0 00000000 00000000 000000a7 018ce4bc 000002ff
    000003ff 0065f968 0065e1e0 00453560 00a44a68 0000000d 00000139 00000000
    00a84588 0065e1e4 0065f1e8 0190cafb 001040ff 004450e6 0065e1e0 0000000d
    00000139 00000000 00a84588 00a44a68 001040ff 00000000 0000003c 0034c9ac
    00000000 ffffffff 0045a98d 0000000c 00000002 0034c9ac ffffffff 61746f54
    6552206c 76696563 203a6465 39303032 4d207300 00737061 00000000 00001eff
    000027fc 0000e500 000b8ac0 0012fe8c 004205a5 00000000 000b8ac1 00000000
    The actual sysdump had reference to also sending this with error

    looking at the error popup I seen something about flags and alot things coded CV at the beginning of the word.
    Im not sure if this is enuff info or the right info but Ill do whatever it takes to get our game back. Alot of us are older guys and Nova Has kept the demo server open because its kinda like a cult thing now. However they wont help us and even they would prolly take weeks. Does anyone no about this hosting hack where ppl cant join cause you server is flipping fast thru the 16 open slots where ppls name goes ****** is joining .. ****** is exiting, over and over and the blue screen partially covers the game. Any help would be appreciated alot of people are bummed out cause this person has taken our game. ps. Right after it happened to me the first time 2 days ago, i went into a death match server which is only thig working now and a guy said whats the matter Mac have you been hacked now too. I think hes prolly the one cause I hadnt told anyone I couldnt host anymore yet.

    thx Macdf2
  2. Macdf2

    Macdf2 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    re hack

    I should have rewritten my subtitle before because I dont beleive this hacker has hacked the Nova World server, I say that now, because i could host for about 3 weeks no problem on the new pc when I couldnt on my old pc (2.1 amd single core xp home) using the same internet connection line. I beleive he has somehow made a IP hack for df2 demo host that makes it so other ppl cant join. Im not sure if thats possible? but its the only explanation I can think of seeing how I could host the game for weeks no problem. Im sure it must have something to do with EIP. Only thing is I have cable and its a dynamc Ip addy?
    I can see flickering really fast soanso is joining,,,soanso is leaving etc; over and over. I think he messed with the IP stack maybe?? lol I dunno.. I wish one of ya could atleast point me ina direction to look for the answers atleast.
    Thanx for any help you can give, Mac
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