Electronic Arts to shutter more Facebook games soon

Shawn Knight

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Earlier today Electronic Arts announced plans to shutter some of their Facebook games in what was described as a difficult decision. The Sims Social, SimCity Social and Pet Society will go offline on June 14, 2013, the company said in...

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Haven't played a single Facebook game, don't plan to.
I have a vast collection of them in my block list.... why!??!??


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FB games are about the only thing EA can do now and not get (deservedly) slammed.


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I played a game on Facebook once, because a cute girl I was interested in played it. The game sucked.


The issue with face book games is the monetary model. Once upon a time a company would release a game, host the online servers of facilitate online play at the least. They got the cost of the boxed game and expansions if it was good enough. Roughly $39 per customer initially and up to $20 per expansion.
Today the model is micro transaction, since they have found some people will drop $100 a month in micro transactions, this has become the target margin number. What they have lost is the volume of players by going after the top margin. Until game companies get back to a realistic profit model, they will always have burst games that have no enduring legs, and I agree with the poster above, EA lost their mojo long ago.


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I played Farmville back in the day. However, I used a speed hack and trapped my guy in the middle of the field... so my farming time was superhuman. :p