Emachines Cannot Find Operating System

By mreplusthree
Jun 17, 2009
  1. My son has a 6 month old emachines laptop model number M52257. He complained that it was getting more and more sluggish until finally it just couldn't find the operating system. When you ask it to run in repair mode, the screen goes dark and then returns to the "Cannot find Operating System" screen.

    I purchased the system recovery disks from emachines and ran them following the directions three times. Every time it would stop the recovery and the following error message occurred:

    Error:C:\windows]winsxs\manifests\x86_microsoft-windows-smbhelperclasses_31bf3856ad364e35_6.0.6000.16386_none_e8066383d9377086.manifest.[uncompressfile:(seq.70)->read data failed] (DataError(cyclicredundancycheck).)

    and then:

    Restore failed - reason 0x00000017

    Does anyone know or have any suggestions on how I can proceed to recover the operating system on this laptop?
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