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By Kaorichan ยท 13 replies
Jun 6, 2006
  1. The Emachines curse. Yes the famous curse of the dying motherboard. I took it to a local comptuer repair shop and yes indeed they told me it was the motherboard and it would take 2 weeks to fix and cost aorund $300-400. AND THE SAD THING IS THIS COMPUTER IS 2 YEARS OLD!

    Is it worth it?
  2. CrossFire851

    CrossFire851 TS Rookie Posts: 766

    If by chance, can you give us the model number?
  3. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    Dump the Emachine and go to either IBM or HP Media Centre PC.
  4. Kaorichan

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    O.o dont know what else to say cause this thing needs a maximum of 10 characters!
  5. bushwhacker

    bushwhacker TechSpot Chancellor Posts: 783

    Emachines has short life span. it broke my mother's laptop 7 months later... ><

    She threw that laptop around the future shop and got the nice HP WMC.... wicked :) <They gave her 600 dollar off to ease off her anger.> :S
  6. CrossFire851

    CrossFire851 TS Rookie Posts: 766

    Now getting the store cam to watch that would be hilarious.

    Oh yeah and I'm checking the model right now.
  7. CrossFire851

    CrossFire851 TS Rookie Posts: 766

    Power Supply: PS, 250 WATT 100744
    CPU: CPU,CELERON 2.6GHZ 478P 128k F400
    HDD: HDD, 40GB 5400rpm 1360
    Keyboard Model: KB,9908,EN104K,PS/2,EMA CH-Gray/Blk-key 2422
    ODD1: 48X CDRW (48X24X48) 2434
    Speaker: SPEAKER, SP-20A 1690
    Memory: MEM,DDR-RAM 256MB (Max. 2GB)
    LAN: LAN, 10/100 integrated
    Video: Video, integrated
    CPU Fan Type: FAN,H/S CEL-P4 3.0 100611
    Suggested Upgrade or Replacement Products Available

    Memory eMachines 256MB DDR RAM Upgrade ME256DDR2100 49.95

    on emachines site it's a bit pricey, but I bet that it's cheaper at the computer shop.

    As many more would agree for office us this would be awsome athough you should upgrade and get an extra stick of 256 making a total of 512mb. Other then that this is a great office/home use computer.
  8. Ressurrector

    Ressurrector TS Rookie Posts: 35

    you guys are tryin to kill my emachines moral lol W3410 here 1 year deep so far lets keep goin.........and god knows I never cut mine off lol
  9. Ressurrector

    Ressurrector TS Rookie Posts: 35

    I quoted myself how fitting............. Seems I too have fell victum to the infamous "E-Machines Curse". All I can add to the already huge list of this is my own expierience of it. One morning I went to burn a cd and pc was actin sluggish since I leave it on all the time.....so.............I reached down held the power button for 5 to reboot when it came back on I had a black screen and NO beep....... After awhile I trouble shooted throwed in another video card............nothin The PSU comes on and fans run but nothing............In my expierience that is em.......BAD If you can't even see bios on your monitor YES you have a problem............either the chip ,mobo, video card or ram.....THAT is the bare minimum to boot a PC to see where you stand........ After awhile I conclude I must have sucumbed to this "thang" as its NOT the video card, the ram and I don't THINK it got the chip cause in the past when a chip was bad I have seen a pc boot up then shut down really fast or THINK the cpu fan won't run not sure on that. So I HOPE its just the mobo at this point........ If you do some diggin here on the Techspot forums you will find countless threads on this seems the problem is a "faulty" power supply which dies suddenly after a year or two and takes the mobo with it. The people at E-machines basically told me if I get a "licensed" technician at a pc shop to say the mobo went they will fix it. But I figure thats prolly a 35 dollar office call...

    HOW bout a class-action lawsuit against E-Machines?? Anyone down thats been burnt by E-Machines?? I am This is NOT just a random problem. You prolly got 1000 cases right here......... THIS SHOULD BE a recall cause the evidence suggest a bad PSU with no over voltage protection which fries motherboards............Funny how you can recall lithium ion batteries in laptops for fire risk but you just truck right along when PSU's destroy Mobos....

    Oh well if your an attorney or wish to participate in this send me a private message...........

    For those that wonder I had a E-Machines W3410 w/Athlon 64 3200+ MSI Mobo inside
    I bought it brand new at a wal-mart for 600 bucks on 12-02-05 means I got about 15 months of use for a new pc. Thats pathetic IMHO I think I will go back with an ASUS mobo in my expierience those things are like panzer tanks they are very powerfull and reliable.............
  10. Bisirko

    Bisirko TS Rookie

    I have an older model e-machine that has lasted me at least 4 years....now im trying to upgrade some of the parts while keeping the HD and cd drives...everything else is going to change...if anybody has any tips let me know
  11. Ressurrector

    Ressurrector TS Rookie Posts: 35

    Back from the dead............ Well Its good news and bad news

    1.The bad news - well my emachine PSU DID die just like everyone else's

    2. The good news - It did NOT take nothing with it upon dieing thus allowing me the opportunity to replace it with a much SAFER aftermarket PSU and get that e-infected POS out of my machine... I much rather replace a PSU then a chip and Mobo too. Also I used this opportunity to get something cool its a "fanless" power supply..... it it quieter?? yes even just one fan less is better. Is it night and day?? not really but if you produce audio like I it all helps.

    Bisirko- Okay.......... I would definately first get another PSU cause you MAY NOT be lucky like me and it might cost you a whole machine.......I was lucky......don't gamble unless 2 benjamins is chump change to ya

    Lose the factory XP home OS- Man it SUCKED bigtime on almost EVERY new game I played like BF2 it made the pc restart and generally it seemed way bogged down.

    Get a better video card- This one is about like factory radios in cars first thing I toss........ And these new games I doubt you can load even the intro with factory video........

    Some more ram definately.......... I throwed me in another stick bringin me up to 1 gig and it REALLY helped........ on games anyway.

    Also maybe throw you in a cheap sound blaster audigy from wally world like 20 bucks..........
  12. kerijeanbean

    kerijeanbean TS Rookie

    I hate this curse

    I had my motherboard, cpu. and power supply replaced and the dang machine is doing it again. The random restarting is very annoying. The emachines T2462 is the only computer in the house that will play all the games we have purchased for my son, except that it restarts making game play impossible. All I can say is thank goodness I didn't pay for the replacements. I had purchased the extended warranty. Of course it started acting up again just after the warranty was up.

    I did just blow out all the dust and yuck and it seems to be running better, but it has only been up for a few minutes. I was thinking it may be over heating, but with previous computers when they overheated they would shut down completely not reboot. All I know is that this is very frustrating.
  13. Rage_3K_Moiz

    Rage_3K_Moiz Sith Lord Posts: 5,443   +38

    The PSU is usually the main cause of problems in eMachines PCs, closely followed by the motherboard.

    Did you get the PSU replaced from eMachines? It's most likely a Bestec but can you double-check that and let us know?
  14. kerijeanbean

    kerijeanbean TS Rookie

    The Geek Squad did it.

    I took the computer back to Bestbuy and had them replace everything. I doubt it was from emachines. I know I got a different motherboard. I did blow the case out and cleaned all the dust out of the heat sink and it seems to be working better. Maybe it was actually getting too hot, but like I said that usually shut a computer down not reboot it.

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