Emachines T2792 MOB

By my2sons8791
Sep 25, 2007
  1. My T2792 MOB has failed and I need to replace it. I have searched the forum and most posts related to my system are old. Can anyone please receommend a new MOB that will work with my system? Also, do I need to purchase a new MOB with the chipset already installed or can I use the Celeron that is in my existing (fried) MOB? My MOB is a TriGem Imperial GV. Thanks in advance for any help.
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  3. my2sons8791

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    TedSter - thanks for the reply. I have read through the post you recommended. It is basically a debate about power supplies vs motherboards. I guess a more appropriate questions is since I have to replace the motherboard, should I also upgrade from the Celeron 2.7 CPU I currently have? If I stay with the Celeron CPU, what is involved in swapping it from the old to new motherboard? Thanks again - this forum rocks!
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