Embedded server - storage question

By mokaboy
Jan 10, 2010
  1. Hi all,

    Im currently building an extremely small thin client into a ftp / web server.

    The specs of the box are AMD Geode GX533 // 128mb RAM // 64mb FLASH DOM

    It will be running DSL (damn small linux) on the box and it works fine with a usb pen drive i have been testing it with.

    My plans are to use a permanent storage solution such as a 2.5 inch IDE laptop drive or a CF drive but done really know which way to go. I want it to be fast enough, have 8gb at least (but more would be better), and use minimal power as will be on 24/7.

    What would be the best route to go down? CF or IDE 2.5"?

    If CF can you show me some cheap cards i could use, ive heard about industrial CF's that last longer? Worth it? Also what filesystem should i use?

    If IDE what are the best low power 2.5" drives?
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