EPSON printers troubles EBAPI program

By Lucab
Jan 16, 2006
  1. I'm running 3 Epson printers (1280/R200/2200) on my Velocity WS (WINXP pro). recently bought a stylus photo 2400, uninstalled the 2200 and tried to install the 2400. At first the Epson SW would not see the printer. So I uninstalled the other 2 and started from scratch. Not good. I cannot get more than one printer working and I get all this messages related to tha malfunction of the EBAPI program EBAPISET.exe and EBAPISET.DLL. Maybe I should wipe out all Epson references from registry but I'm afraid to take some original Epson info embedded in WIN. Anybody has a fix for this? (Epson tech was useless, as always)
    Thank You
  2. willenterandgo

    willenterandgo TS Rookie

    yeah , dont know too whats "the EBAPI program" appeared when i rebbot my pc...

    BTW o have many light errors and cant have my printer working.. :(

    Dont know wahts happening with my printer ...and the most sad thing is that my printer still doenst recognize the not genuine ink cartdrige since i changed the color ink cartdrige .

    EPSON printers are the worst of all.I BOUGHT A C62 and i am completely sad about this drink ink machine since the first month.

    WHY :
    The reason of all EPSON errors are simply read on the "status monitor".
    The prases :

    "Click Order Ink Online to purchase Genuine Epson Ink for your EPSON Stylus C62 Series online. Shipping available only in the continental U.S."

    "Head cleaning cannot be completed because ink is low or out"

    EPSON?? **** THEM !!
    EPSON Never and NEVER.N E V E R .
    Many ink genuine control mechanisms (ink formula and chip) and the most expensive cartdriges!!!!!
    **** EPSON!!!!!!!!!!!!!
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