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Error 25 on Diablo, no 640x480 display option, nothing wrong with DirectX

By Kiiraa
Jul 20, 2010
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  1. Hey,

    I run WinXP on an HP a720n with a SapphireRaddon graphics card and a Gateway HD LE1936 monitor.
    I just installed Diablo 2 after my computer crashed, I have DirectX and ran the tests that Diablo comes with. It deemed my computer playable and I went on to try it.
    The error messege Error 25 popped up.
    I went into dxdiag and it came up with this:

    I was looking at a different forum about a similar thing on here ==https://www.techspot.com/vb/topic93848.html== [thats how I found this place] and tried a few things, like changing the display and/or the color resolution. It was suggested to change to high color 16-bit but my high color is 32 as seen here:

    So I'm not really sure what to do anymore, but the install of diablo went fine and all my other full screen MMORPG's work just fine.

    Error messege:



    display picture for the resolution/color bit settings:


    Oh and I put this here because its only the display issue-thing wrong with it and the program, it also just happens to be a game.

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