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Error code 0322

By boa1
Jun 4, 2007
  1. My son's girlfriend has a Dell Insp.1501. Her friend spilt milk on keyboard. I can start computer up; press F1 but I have to use flashlight to see LCD. It will go through their test program. It comes up with a 2000-0322: "Error accessing LCD inverter" any clues? The harddrive took a dump. I installed a spare Toshiba drive in it. The windows logo comes up but the screen just fades out from the center outward. Keep in mind that I am using my flash light to see screen.
  2. CCT

    CCT TS Evangelist Posts: 2,610   +6

    This proves that milk is a conductor and has effectively gerfunkled here comp.

    It is possible a thorough disassembly and cleaning with the proper materials could get it up and about, but unlikely.

    That's a $550 US computer - it will depend on how much she wants to pay to fix it IF it is fixable. Shops don't guatantee such things so she could spend a couple hundred for a nice tea tray.

  3. Dell_CA

    Dell_CA TS Rookie


    My name is Mike, I’m a Technical Analyst located at Dell corporate headquarters in Round Rock, TX. I’m part of an internet outreach team developed to interact with the online community regarding technical questions and issues that customers face with Dell products. I read your post and wanted to offer some assistance.

    The first thing I would suggest you check is the warranty on the system. You would be surprised at the amount of people who don’t know what their warranty covers, let alone that they are still in warranty. You can do a quick check here and see if the warranty is still valid. If so you need to look for coverage called “Complete Care” or “Accidental Damage.” If you see this and the warranty is still active then this type of accident would be covered. If not, we can move on.

    If you can see the image, but need a flash light then it’s safe to say that either the backlight has shorted out or the inverter and the backlight are gone. I would start by checking and cleaning the connections as previously recommended by CCT. You can find a complete tear down of the system here.*** Disconnect both battery and AC before working on the notebook. *** Try reseating the flex cable on the back of the LCD panel as well as where it plugs into the motherboard. If you see any dried residue, carefully try and clean it up the best you can. You may also want to try and plug an external monitor in and see if the image is ok on that. This is a good way of testing the video card to make sure it wasn’t damaged in the spill.

    If you put the system back together and it still does the same thing then the LCD assembly is going to need to be replaced. You can shop around online, but please only use Dell parts from the same make and model as generic parts may cause problems later on down the road. Once you have shopped around online you can contact our spare parts department at 1-800-357-3355 and give them the service tag and they should be able to give you a quote for the LCD (which should include the inverter and flex cable.) I hope this information is helpful.

    Thank you,

    Dell customer advocate
  4. boa1

    boa1 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well I called Dell and they covered it 100%. WOW and she did know that she had coverage. She would have scraped it if she didnt ask me about it to see if I could work on it. I am and always will be a Think pad user but I was very impressed with Dells customer service.
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