Error code 43 on my GPU

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Jul 11, 2016
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  1. Hello everybody

    First of all, my laptop is the Asus VivoBook S551LB-CJ025H - specs on this link:

    I updated it to Windows 10 on July, 2015, and I'm pretty sure the update has at least *something* to do with my issue.

    I play a few games in it and back in October I started to have a sudden FPS drop. After evaluating the problem, I noticed there was a exclamation mark ( ! ) next to my video card - NVIDIA 740m. My system was using the onboard GPU Intel HD Graphics (or something like that), thus the low FPS. The dedicated GPU status contained the following error:

    "Windows has stopped this device because it has reported problems. (Code 43)"

    After a few trials with "solutions" I found on the internet, installing, uninstalling, replacing drivers, restarting, DDU removal tool, disabling Windows Update, etc, etc, suddenly my video card was OK and my FPS was back to normal on my games. Please note I have no clue what the exact solution was. It got fixed after dozens of system restores, rebooting, etc, so I'm really not sure what step I did that fixed it.

    The problem is that lately I've experienced the same FPS drop, and when I tried to troubleshoot I noticed the very same error as before.

    The thing is: last time I had the feeling there was a problem with Windows 10, ASUS and the current driver version. I *believe* I fixed it with an older driver, but I've tried it again this time and it didn't work. However, I cannot attest that the driver was recently updated, thus bringing the problem. Even if I wanted to, I lost the history of it when I uninstalled, reinstalled, etc.

    Can anyone please help me on this one? I'm pretty much out of possible solutions.

    Thanks in advance for the support
  2. Cycloid Torus

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    First, scan for malware. Often the problem. Use a couple of top scanners (I use Microsoft Defender and Malwarebytes Free).

    Nobody has the 'single right answer'. Likely to be driver. You are doing just fine...try most current nVidia driver..try older ones. Compare your experience with dozens of others (google on "nVidia error 43"). Keep trying.

    Oh, suggest you stick with WHQL drivers from nVidia website. Safer.

    It is possible there is a hardware issue, so as a last resort you may wish to reseating the video component while giving your system a good cleaning (see YouTube for videos on this).
  3. vitaum88

    vitaum88 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    I'm gonna scan for Malwares. I have Malwarebytes installed, and I do some check-ups from time to time, but it's worth trying this time.
  4. vitaum88

    vitaum88 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Yeah, as I thought, no malware (according to Malwarebytes). I pay attention to files I download/install and it's very rare for me to get unwanted stuff ony my PC...
  5. vitaum88

    vitaum88 TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Well, I was very skeptic about upgrading my BIOS. The latest bios (212) on ASUS website that was said to be working for windows 10 was developed on 2014.... Before windows 10 launch haha... So I wasnt upgrading... I said to myself: I'm gonna upgrade this BIOS and then try some other driver mentioned in another solution.. Surprise: the BIOS worked... and now my screen is flashing like crazy and the driving is installed correctly... It seems that the problem is solved!

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