Error loading operating system... Eee PC 1015PEM Win7 Starter

By Bintalina
Dec 26, 2011
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  1. Hi Everyone,

    I am using a ASUS EeePC 1015PEM as an upgrade from my previous netbook. My problem started when I seemed to receive an odd windows update. The IE stopped loading correctly even though my pc was connected to the net. I 'stupidly' gave it to someone who proudly displays letters after his name claiming to know all about computers and two days later he gave it back to me telling me that it claimed to be doing hard drive repairs and now won't do anything. I plumped for a system restore as I had all my important stuff on an external hard drive so wasn't too worried about loosing anything. When I tried it has continually popped up with the meassage 'Error loading operating system'. The restore reportedly comes from a hidden recovery partition. It almost seems as though the whole netbook has been wiped and all I have is bios... I am now beyond my field of knowledge and hope someone has an answer for me???

    Living in hope.
  2. mike1959

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    O/S error

    When I have seen the error report "O/S not found", or similar it has meant the hard drive has failed in some way, probably the circuit that controls the seek arm.
    If that has happened then the "system restore" will not work either, because, as you noted, it is a copy of the working O/S but in a separate partition, that is normally not used. Problem is the hidden partition is just a part of the same hard drive that won't work.
    If that is the situation, the only real answer is to replace the hard drive, and reinstall the O/S plus the software you need. It is much simpler and cheaper to back up the hard drive while it is working, so that come the day it fails, at least the data is safe, and can be restored to a new hard drive.

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