error message when tring to run sytem recovery

By essence96
Aug 20, 2005
  1. i hope someone could help me with this problem. i was in the middle of typing a term paper & an hp update started. then when it finished it started to restart the computer & after that it just crashed. I have tried starting the cmptr in safe mode, when i do that a blank screen appears with a white cursor blinking. I tried to run sytem restore an error message appears.
    File/minint/system32/ntkrnlmp.exe couldn't be loaded. the error code is 4096

    i have been on the phone with hp for hrs getting the run around with the problem & they keep saying running sytem restore cds which i dont have. they say they dont have it for my cmptr which is only 1yr old since i purchased it. what can i do to fix this problem? i am really desperate plzzzzzzzzzz i have online classes i need my cmptr really bad. I leave in a small town where there are only a couple of techs & they dont even know how to fix the problem.

    thank you so u much

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