EU gives Google last chance to avoid huge fines in search fiddling probe


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Joaquin Almunia, vice president of the European Commission for Competition Policy has spoken out for the first time about the ongoing anti-trust investigation into internet search giant Google, outlining the...

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The EU is a bunch of crazy, ******* morons. None of these "issues" are legit. They just want a piece of google's pie.


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I dont get the big deal...If your on an Iphone and useing Apple it tends to give you Apple related search rusults. As for user review.....really? A review is a general like/dislike kind of information setup. Most are freely given and only the individual who posted the review should have anything to say if google uses it. Not some 3rd party company. I would think that if Google is porting over reviews for a product that most ppl would be happy to get that review so they can make a better decision on whatever they are purchasing. I agree with above post. Sounds like the EU is looking to Google to help bail them out of finacial trouble lol.


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The biggest derp about this whole thing is the part about the contracts. If you dont like the contract dont sign the fking thing! If you want to use a service that someone is offering and you dont like the terms GO TO ANOTHER PROVIDER. Dont complain about it to some govt agency who SHOULDNT have any control over the FREE MARKET.

Just my common sense