EU squashes chipmaker cartel, fines could reach $381 million

By Matthew · 4 replies
May 18, 2010
  1. European Union regulators are cracking down on a number of chipmakers for price fixing. Sources close to the situation name nine memory chip manufacturers in the case including Samsung, NEC, Hitachi, Toshiba, Mitsubishi, Hynix, Infineon, Nanya, and Elpida. Micron – who you probably know by the brand Crucial – exposed the cartel and thus will not be fined for its involvement.

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  2. That's just about it, I'm going to sue and fine the EU.
  3. Armanian

    Armanian TS Enthusiast Posts: 43   +19

    Wow this guest doesn't understand anything...
  4. Tomorrow_Rains

    Tomorrow_Rains TS Enthusiast Posts: 156

    He/she Doesnt lmao!!!
  5. aaron86

    aaron86 TS Rookie

    Thats one way to solve their debt crisis

    That's one way to solve their debt crisis; suing the pants off of non-European companies.

    Actually, for once I support the EU in a law suite. If these companies were price fixing then fine the **** out of them, because it hurts all of us as consumers and decreases the drive for innovation. I'm kind of sad the American judicial system couldn't find the proof of price fixing, our government could have used that money for our own debt :(
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