Evernote reduces Premium subscription price as source warns of "death spiral"


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Why it matters: Popular productivity app Evernote looks to be facing troubled waters after the company lost several high-level execs and cut the cost of its annual subscription by almost half. According to an anonymous source, the firm is in a “Death Spiral.”

Evernote’s yearly Premium subscription price is normally $70 but, for the second time this year, it’s being reduced to $42 as part of a limited-time offer. Compared to the free option, Premium offers more space, features, and access to notes from any device, including offline. The 40 percent saving is only available to those who pay the yearly fee in one go, rather than choosing the $7.99 per month option.

Additionally, as noted by TechCrunch, Evernote has seen the departure of CTO Anirban Kundu, CFO Vincent Toolan, CPO Erik Wrobel and head of HR Michelle Wagner in the last month. While the company has confirmed the moves, it offered no reason as to why the executives left.

Interestingly, the person who revealed the departures said the company isn’t having a smooth time right now. “Evernote is in a death spiral,” they said. “Paid user growth and active users have been flat for the last six years and their enterprise product offering has not caught on.”

Evernote was valued at $1.2 billion a few years ago and boasts over 225 million users, so ‘death spiral’ may be a strong term, but there’s no denying that it’s been struggling recently when it comes to user growth, and the app certainly isn’t as popular as it once was. According to App Annie, it’s now ranked at number 55 in productivity apps, and it doesn’t have enough downloads to rank in the overall apps category.

If you want to try the free version of the Evernote app, it can be downloaded here.

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Frankly, I'm surprised this one hasen't been snapped up by Apple, repackaged and sold to the public. It's a great product but since you can just about do the same things with One Note, and with One Note being free, it's tough competition ..... only time will tell.


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The company burned a lot of goodwill when they started screwing with the features on both free and premium accounts. It's not surprising users are not flocking to the platform in the wake of competition.

Sidenote, their "death spiral" is the lack of new users, because silicon valley tech companies have it in their head that unless you are constantly growing, your company is failing. Evernote is no different. They probably started adding onto costs thinking their user-base would grow forever, and forgot that one note exists.


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Why use Evernote when Microsoft OneNote is free to use and sync with since even a free OneDrive account gives somewhere around 5 GBs of space?

Heck, Google Keep works great too. Haven't tried OneNote. Might have to look at that.


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I really liked the Scannable app on my iPad which integrated with Evernote and made scanning documents and other printed things very easy. After some practice scanned docs looked as good as you can get with a ADF or flat-bed scanner.

I must admit I never needed anything beyond the free version of Evernote and I only used it once in a blue moon.


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I remember evernote being essential for college. Many notes were taken but like most things it has become irrelevant.


Evernote reading your notes, Google ditto, Microsoft ditto, but hey at least Groogle & M$ are "free".

If you have any notes in Evernote I suggest you export them out (as enex) to Joplin and host your own notes on a Nextcloud instance.

It requires a bit of work, but if you are privacy conscious then it's well worth it ;-)