Everything "stops working"

By Deshra
Mar 24, 2014
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  1. My wife has an HP pavilion HPE H8-1020 that we got from Best Buy that was refurbished, it has ran fine for the last couple years with me working on it for her but this last week she suddenly started having every program suddenly "stop working" the programs include: any screensaver, steam client bootstrapper, vlc.exe, windows media player, and adobe flash plugin R12 and she even has issues with her internet browsers working properly.

    Her system specs are:
    Windows 7 OS
    AMD Eyefinity Radeon HD 6570 Vid Card
    i7 2600s 2.8ghz
    Pegatron Carmel Motherboard UATX FF
    Intel H61 chipset
    8gb PC3-10600 mb/s DDR3 1333 - Ram
    Integrated Realtek Alc656-audio
    1000 base T- Lan
    802.11 wireless b/g/n PCIE minicard.
    1 TB HDD
    300 W PSU
    If any logs are needed I will gladly have them posted, also If this is in the wrong spot firstly I apologize secondly could a moderator please move this to the correct forum. Please and Thank you!
    Also a thank you for anyone who tries to help with this. It has been a real boggler for me and a major upset for her especially since she just installed her V-day gift (Elder Scrolls Anthology).
  2. Simon723

    Simon723 Banned

    This looks strange to me. If it had happened suddenly then you need to rush to service center instead of applying tricks suggested by others
  3. Deshra

    Deshra TS Enthusiast Topic Starter Posts: 60

    Sorry for not posting sooner. I actually figured out what it was. I never rely on service centers after seeing many overcharge on simple repairs or convincing people they need a EW PC cuz their hdd is merely unplugged. Which is why I work on them.
    My wife had installed a gpu driver without uninstalling the previous one, and then reinstalled the older one on top of that the same way. I uninstalled the gpu driver and installed the old non-beta driver and it's worked perfectly since.

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