Experience the '80s all over again with the Double Dragon Trilogy for Android and iOS

Shawn Knight

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There are a ton of great games already available for Android and iOS but for me, it’s all about retro gaming. And now I can add another '80s staple to my mobile collection as the Double Dragon Trilogy is now...

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I still play this game sometimes using a emulator and yes the knee kick, man I discovered knee kick by mistake then I distinctly remember try to press buttons randomly before finally I got the combo to pull it off and use it again and again.
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Battletoads was way too hard. I could never make it past that speeder level. And I only even made it there like 1 out of every 5 tries.


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I remember there was one level which had rollers at different speeds and you had to jump across from one end to other. I was playing 2 player mode with my friend sitting next to me, I made it to the other end and he kept falling off, then he asked me to clear it for him by giving me his joystick and then we finished the game together.
DD2 is a great game.


I remember friends would get pissed at each other and focus on elbowing each other than fighting the enemy.