Experimented with TV as monitor, now have Windows startup problems

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Aug 20, 2010
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  1. XP sp3.

    Tried hooking to LCD tv, edges of picture were "shimmering" and fuzzy, when rehooked to monitor, now have Windows startup problems.

    Doing Normal startup, the only thing that starts up is a solid color screen with only a few of the normal desktop icons and the entire bar at the bottom (Start, etc) is missing.

    Tried Last Known Good Config, Safe Startup, etc, to no avail.

    Only way everything will appear at Startup is VGA mode. When I reset the display settings to normal, everything is OK, altho the icon locations are mixed up. Everything then works fine, all programs, internet connection, etc. Did a virus scan, nothing.

    When I shut down, Windows says it saves the settings, but then the same thing happens upon Startup the next time.

    Totally stumped.

    Any suggestions to "fix" Startup?

  2. mailpup

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    Try using System Restore to restore it to a point before you tried the TV as a monitor. You can always undo system restore if you want. Otherwise, you could try uninstalling the reinstalling your graphics driver.
  3. macx

    macx TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 718

    Being I didn't understand the implications or the reason behind the need to use VGA mode, I did a Search and found an excellent write-up in PlayTool (excellent for me translates to using layman's language and giving explicit and complete instructions) that explained what it was and why it might be used.

    That included information on the System Restore function and how to perform it.

    Voila! WHAT a relief! I had recently spent quite a number of hours organizing and consolidating many gb's of info (of course on a separate drive) which didn't show up during one of the "problem" Startups.

    Not having had to reinstall Windows for some time, I was loathe to have to dig into that. Altho moderately computer literate, that always gave me fits and frustration.

    So essentially stumbled my way into that exact fix. Thanks for posting that, tho, as it was just Providence that guided me to that information, and odds were that I would need the advice. After getting into the Restore function, I do seem to recall having done that quite some time ago, but didn't remember it or think to pursue that fix until I stumbled upon it.

    Hope the rest of the day goes as well!
  4. Arris

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    Check the display settings and see if the ouput is set to dual display. It's possible that the TV became the primary display and the resolution being displayed on your monitor is that of what the TV was using. Also check to see if the Advanced/Monitor setting is set to HDTV or Generic Monitor/Plug and Play monitor. May need to be switched back to your Monitor.
  5. macx

    macx TS Evangelist Topic Starter Posts: 718

    I did get into the dual monitor thing and worked with the dual display and advanced monitor settings.

    At the moment don't recall exactly what I did, but whatever it was didn't seem to help. I had not actually used 2 monitors simultaneously - had disconnected my monitor and hooked to the tv instead.
    But had researched and read up on how to do that before I started as I wasn't sure just what cables I had available in that huge box of cables in the store room, ended up just unhooking from the monitor and reconnecting to the tv.

    Thanks for the tip, tho! That well might help me when I make another attempt later, using one of my laptops. One never knows enuf about Windows!

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