Explorer Crashing.... Help Me Please!!

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Mar 7, 2006
  1. Excuse the essay but if you can read this and solve my problem there will be some good karma headed your way, you see I've got this problem which has been bugging me for a while...

    There are certain files on my computer which when I try to access them through Windows, Explorer hangs. They are always .avi files and it does not seem to matter what size they are. It happens not just to files I have downloaded but also to files I have rendered myself using Adobe Premiere.

    When the system crashes, the simplest way to restore things back to normal is ctrl-alt-del and force quit drwtsn. Explorer then restarts.

    The problem happens even with a mouse over. The only way to move/rename/delete one of the problematic files is to access it through a save/open dialog box in another application (eg. notepad).

    I have tried disabling drwtsn by removing the registry key at:

    HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE\Software\Microsoft\Windows NT\CurrentVersion\AeDebug

    which results in the following error message appearing when I mouse over the problematic files:

    "explorer.exe - application error

    The instruction at "0x034e321f" referenced memory at "0x00000000". The memory could not be "written".

    Click on OK to terminate the program"

    which I do and explorer restarts (there is no cancel button)

    I hope there is an easy way to correct this.

    It may be coincidental but I have another recurrent problem which may help to diagnose the above one: when windows starts, an error message appears saying "windows - no disk please insert a disk into drive" If you click cancel, windows then starts as normal.

    Thank you for reading this far, I hope you can fix my problem for me.

  2. theo.aku

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    There is a tweak for avi files in the registry that keeps Windows from hanging when trying to read the file. The problem lies in how Windows reads the file, it tries to read the entire file when it doesn't have to....

    Edit: Found it.
  3. Tedster

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    sounds like the registry is corrupt. run CHKDSK on your hard drive or better yet run norton systems work 2003 (any edition newer is garbage) registry repair.
  4. j3bst3r

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    This sould solve your probs

    Just a quick 1 !
    I am Dan...german.... so dont mind my spelling and grammar mistakes... they are all mine :)

    I had the same problem.
    This is really annoying I know..... What I did ?

    Click "START" bottom left
    Click "RUN"
    Type regsvr32 /u shmedia.dll press enter....
    What the Problem is about ? I don`t know exactely... but it`s dealing with the length of file names , Codecs and so on ! windows throws out 2 messages and you basically have a CTD
    It worked fine with my PC
    No Explorer Probs and no probs with .avi files ......

    I hope I could help you !?!?

    Bye bye

    Dan / Germany
  5. Peddant

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    From HERE

    "OK, I found this somewhere and it has fixed my problem:

    I had exactly the same problem until I came across this handy little registry hack.
    Run regedit and find the following key :- HKEY_CLASSES_ROOT\SystemFileAssociations\.avi\shellex\PropertyHandler

    Delete the "Default" value then close. You should now be able to see .avi previews almost instantly but without the crashes "
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