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Jan 11, 2004
  1. So heres the problem... I have Win2k with all critical updates and SP4, and everytime i go into my movies folder and click on a movie then click off... explorer crashes. I kinda figured out why but im hoping there is a better fix. When i turned off web view in folder options the problem stops... but that kills the view everywhere and i find it rather helpful. Anyone have any idea how to stop that error another way? Please help. Thanks guys.
    - lalaji
  2. Steverz

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  3. lalaji

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    Thanks for the help but unfortunately i didnt find a solution. I guess ill just try to troubleshoot this one on my own.
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    Could it possibly be a codec problem and when it's trying to generate the first frame of the video for the preview it's crashing then? Can you actually open the video files with no errors? Just curious - if they open fine then this probably isn't the issue.
  5. lalaji

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    The files open fine.. but i think its something with windows when it tries to open that first frame... because if i disable the web view... which stops it from doing that... i dont get the error. I can click on any file, nothing happens, they all open fine when double clicked. If i enable the web view, it will cause a Dr. Watson error within clickin on and off 2 or 3 movie files. I just dont get it.
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