Extending an Ethernet Cable

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Hi, I have an Ethernet switch which allows me to have multiple cables going all over the house, but I dont want more than one cable going in ever room of the house, so Is there a way to only wire one cable into a room but have a davice that I can plug the cable into which will allow me to have more ethernet cables in the room or would another Ethernet Switch allow me to do this.


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All you need to do is purchase yourself a router. This will let you plug the ethernet cable coming from your switch to spread the connection to other devices. Of course you would need to purchase more ethernet cables (cat5's) to do so.


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A router will only help at the internet initiation. If you want to continue splitting inside different rooms, then you will need another switch. You will be able to run 1 cable to each room, then use a switch inside the rooms to split further.


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That is also not a bad option jobeard. It's a shame it doesn't get more credit, because I think it's a greate technology for just this reason.


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I think so too. My home is a ranch style (one story, long box parallel to the street)
and the office is at one end (with the modem/router). If I ever elect to have connectivity
in the living room at the other end, I'll opt for this over WiFi :)

On page two of the article was this comment
In rooms where you need to connect multiple devices, consider Belkin International Inc.'s new
Powerline AV+ kit, which has three Ethernet ports in the remote adapter rather than the usual one.
It’s an economical solution for living rooms with multiple networked media and/or game boxes.​
unique and very useful feature imo.
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