External Hard Drive Issue

By Garyis5150
Oct 5, 2015
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  1. Recently my imac began to "eject" one of my external hard drives on its own. The external drive is a WD 3.0 TB drive. I plugged it back in and it showed up as normal. The next day it disappeared and does not show up anywhere.

    I have a device that I have used to recover items off of other drives that have become un-accessable. So when I hook it up it says my computer cannot read the drive on the computer. It does show up in disk utility. It shows as uninitialized with 0 space remaining on the drive. This is the second drive to do this on a mac for me. I know it was initially formatted correctly. Will one of the software recovery programs work with this issue or should I just go to a professional place to try and recover? Is there anything else I can try on my end?

    Thanks in advance.
  2. jobeard

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    Sorry to inform you but the 3 & 4 TB versions of the WD external have low reliability and a high return / failure rate. Strangely the 1 & 2 TB versions are far more reliable.
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  3. Garyis5150

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    yeah im figuring out that bigger isn't always better.

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