F.E.A.R The longer I play the slower it runs????

By sepamax ยท 4 replies
Jul 5, 2007
  1. HI Guys
    Not long time ago I decided to buy new PC with
    AMD 6000 3.01 GHz, M-board Asus crossfire and 2x NVidia 8800GTS 640MB, 2 X 1 GiG ram memory and Vista Ultimate. I have the latest drivers and Bios available from manufacture sites and windows updates.
    For some reason great game FEAR wont run properly on my PC :-(
    After few minutes playing game slows down to the point its not playable, every movement looks like in slow motion with delays. I tried to go with some advises from other sites like " run it as administrator ( Solved problem straight away in Q4 ) Also installed the same way updates with latest 1.08 .
    I also tried in Display options to set Force reset to on but no improvements. I have a feeling while playing game it sucks all the details to the point my PC cant take any more and slows down. I have no Problems at all with STALKER, HALF LIFE 2 or QUAKE 4 all those games run smooth with highest possible settings on.
    Another strange thing happens once I am testing performance. On the same settings sometimes I have up to 315 FPS and next test gives me max of 14-17 FPS. As I say with the same settings.
    With lots of efford of my friend trying to help me ( thanx Piter for everything ) we just cant think about anything else.
    Seriously guys any help will be appreciated.
  2. agi_shi

    agi_shi TS Rookie Posts: 385

    When it gets really slow, alt+tab out of it, open task manager (or just have it already opened so you can alt+tab directly to it), and check out your memory and pagefile usage.

    Put everything on low. See if it slows down then. If not, then one of your memory settings is eventually hogging your ram/vram.
  3. sepamax

    sepamax TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Thank you

    It looks like after 10 min playing when i noticed slowing game down my memory usage was 1.74 Gig. Everything was just in full use. Sorry I didnt have time to play it with low settings as advised so far will do it tonight. It looks you are on the right path with my problem. I will test it and let you know with my results.
    As I am green could you please help me to set up in right order my memory?

    Thank you very much for your help
  4. sepamax

    sepamax TS Rookie Topic Starter

    Put everything on low and the same story, after few minutes playing my memory is stuffed up. This game takes over 1.87 of my memory. Please anyone can tell me what I have to do ???? :-(
  5. MetalX

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    It certainly shouldn't be using that much memory. When I host games for other people to join, it only takes about 500MB of memory with 10 people playing...

    Maybe try running the program at a lower or higher priority in task manager...
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