Facebook improves News Feed, recycles older posts with Story Bumping

Shawn Knight

TechSpot Staff
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Facebook is once again making changes to their News Feed algorithm to make sure you don’t miss out on any important posts from your friends. In the event that you didn’t scroll down far enough in your News Feed, a...

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TS Evangelist
I dont want to see the "important" stories seeing as I dont really care about 90% of the people on my friends list. Am I the only person who just wants A.) my news feed to be in chronological order and B.) non buggy chat/online status? thats all I want from facebook...


TS Ambassador
I guess they don't have anything better else to do is just fiddle with the core. It's okay as it is now. Keep changing it might lead to Exodus!


TS Evangelist
So now all the annoying girls on my page stories will be bumped to the top by annoying hopefuls commenting her, I hope this feature can be disabled.


TS Rookie
The algorithm that needs an urgent rewrite is the one that selects people to be displayed on my "Welcome" page's "Add people you know" list. As a Caucasian male I wonder why the list I'm presented with is unfailingly dominated by black females who aren't from my home town, who didn't attend my high school or university, who reside nowhere close to where I now live, who share none of my interests, and who typically appear to be fifty years my junior.


TS Ambassador
Well there are issues with how face book finds friends and what type of friends it finds for your. That needs serious rework of the code. If I time James Brown in SC in finds all the James Brown all over the system. That's not what I was looking for. Like it can't find the right person.

This timeline addition is not really needed. No one ever goes to it, so it no much use too me. I use but I still have to point people to it.