Facebook, Netflix, and Google to make vaccinations mandatory for personnel

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You will never convince anyone that speaking from the facts is a bad thing.
Falsehoods and deceptions are constantly presented as "facts". If anything proved that, it's the whole fact-checkers movement that has been put into place, where they were actively banning people for even discussing the possibility of the virus originating from a lab. That was considered "conspiracy theory" and things only crazy people believe. People were actively punished for talking about this 'falsehood', because the 'facts' said otherwise. And one year later, suddenly the 'facts' changed.

But in reality, facts don't change. The perception of the masses changes based on what the mainstream media says. And what mainstream media says has been conflated with facts, and once again, that, is very dangerous.

The truth is that facts are obscure and the lies are the norm.


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Actually its not and you know it. Our division had nothing to do with Trump. We were divided long before Trump ever announce he was running for office. And then there is the fact that it takes two side to make an argument. One side alone didn't make anything political.
Please quit with the "and you know it" garbage. If it were true, and I knew it, I wouldn't be posting counters that offer proof that you are wrong.

So yes, we were a divided Country to a much smaller point before trump. But the division between us didn't happen this badly until the first anti-masker decided that he didn't give a damn about anyone, including his own family and friends, but him\her self. Common sense could have saved the trump republicans from the embarrassment they have had to endure since.
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