Facebook purchases Microsoft ad platform Atlas for undisclosed sum

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Facebook has agreed to buy advertising technology from Microsoft following months of rumors. Atlas Advertiser Suite is expected to help give Facebook advertisers a better idea of how their campaigns are performing as well as allow them to compare ads...

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I would have to agree with the last paragraph. But it's not that I don't want ads, I just don't want ads that are flashing and making noises or are just full of crap like "an old simple rule to help you lose weight". I like ads when they are placed thoughtfully in-line with the design of the website or when its a video ad so well done that I'll go and look it up on YouTube because its just that good.

I don't think anybody likes when they go to highlight text on an article and then suddenly an ad pops up because they clicked a seemingly blank area on the page that is actually used to trigger ads or having to navigate a page like a minefield because ads pop up if your mouse hovers over certain words.
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Faecesbook slowly buying up everything/everyone.

It's going to end up like Cell from Crysis 3.